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Mészáros Ernő

Fundamentals of Atmospheric Aerosol Chemistry

The aim of this book is to describe our basic ideas about the chemical composition of the atmospheric aerosol as well as to summarize our present knowledge of the environmental effects of aerosol particles. Aerosol particles play an important role in the control of athmospheric processes like cloud formation and solar radiation transfer. In this way they contribute to weather and climate regulation. In the time being these questions are of particular importance since human activities are able to modify aerosol properties on local, regional and continental scales. Results of recent research also demonstrate that aerosol particles in the upper air, where the major part of athmospheric ozone forms, the particles can modify the ozone removal.       All these effects are related to the chemical composition of the particles. For this reason, after discussing the necessary bases of aerosol physics and methodology, different formation mechanisms producing particles of different size and composition are presented including vapor condensation, burning and high temperature processes and surface desintegration. Separate chapters are devoted to water soluble inorganic species, heavy and other metals as well as to carbonaceous particles. Finally the above mentioned environmental effects are discussed on the basis of recent literature.       The volume, considered as an introduction to the subjects, is useful for graduate students and research workers in earth and environmental science as well as for all educated persons interested in atmospheric environment.

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  • Oldalszám: 308
  • Formátum: B5
  • Borító típusa: kemény, papír
  • ISBN: 9789630576246
  • Kiadás éve: 1999


  • Fitz József Könyvdíj, 2006

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