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Interventional Medicine and Applied Science

Interventional Medicine and Applied Science

The journal is a multidisciplinary English-language journal hosted by five scientific societies: the Association of Hungarian Anatomists, Histologists and Embryologists, the Hungarian Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy, the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Hungary, the Hungarian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery and the Hungarian Society of Cardiology.

The focus of the journal is on the dynamically improving interventional activities in all fields of medicine, also on the minimal invasive specialities such as cardiology, angiology, laparoscopic surgery, invasive radiology, anaesthesia and intensive care medicine, as well as on all fields of applied sciences.

Topics to be published: case studies, overviews, original articles, results of prospective randomised trials, PhD-theses summaries and supplements of relevant congresses.

The content is available online at www.akademiai.com site. Subscribers can access the electronic version of every printed article.

Editor(s)-in-Chief Ágoston Szél
Vice Editor(s)-in-Chief János Gál (Semmelweis University, Hungary)
Kálmán Hüttl (Semmelweis University, Hungary)
Béla Merkely (Semmelweis University, Hungary)
Chair of the Editorial Board Sándor Nardai (Semmelweis University, Hungary)
Editorial Board Miklós Antal (University of Debrecen, Hungary)
Enrico Calzia (Universitätsklinikum Ulm, Germany)
Zoltán Csanádi (University of Debrecen, Hungary)
Attila Doros (Semmelweis University, Hungary)
Edit Dósa (Semmelweis University, Hungary)
Dariusz Dudek (Jagiellonian University, Poland)
Susumu Eguchi (Nagasaki University, Japan)
László Entz (Semmelweis University, Hungary)
Nagy A. Habib (Imperial College London, UK)
Balázs Hauser (Semmelweis University, Hungary)
Miklós D. Kertai (Duke University, USA)
András Komócsi (University of Pécs, Hungary)
Karl-Heinz Kuck (Asklepios Klinik St. Georg, Germany)
Pal Maurovich-Horvat (Semmelweis University, Hungary)
Péter Metzger (Danube Hospital/SMZ-Ost, Austria)
László Miskolczi (University of Miami, USA)
Balázs Nemes (University of Debrecen, Hungary)
Attila Oláh (Petz Aladár County and Teaching Hospital, Hungary)
Wojciech G. Polak (Erasmus Medical Center, The Netherlands)
Robert Reisch (Clinic Hirslanden Zurich, Switzerland)
Bernhard Riedel (Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA)
David Royston (Harefield Hospital, UK)
Thomas A. Sos (New York Presbyterian Hospital, USA)
Wolfgang Trubel (Privatklinik Doebling, Austria)
Language English
Paper ISSN 2061-1617
Online ISSN 2061-5094
Publication One volume of four issues annually
Publication Programme 2014: Vol. 6
Indexing and Abstracting Services PubMed Central, SCOPUS
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Manuscript Submission http://www.editorialmanager.com/imas/
Editorial Correspondence Semmelweis University
Institute of Human Morphology and Developmental Biology
Tűzoltó u. 58.
H-1094 Budapest, Hungary
E-mail: szel@ana2.sote.hu
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